Artist Statement

I was brought up in Bermuda and the influence of it's colours and clarity of light have stayed with all my life. Glass is a wonderful medium with a myriad of colours available to work with and a never ending learning curve.

Initially trained in Botanical illustration, I have a love of plants and am easily drawn towards organic shapes and designs. At first I trained in stained glass, but for the last ten years or so I have been making fused glass pieces, a very different discipline.

There is a huge amount to learn ,not only with design ,translucency, compatability, but also the temperature of the kiln, the length the glass needs to 'cook'  for etc. Luckily for our generation of glass artist the technical bounderies are being pushed ever further and we have wonderful pool of knowledge to draw on.The glass 'world' is a comparitevly small one, but very friendly and great to be involved in.     

My studio is near Tonbridge, Kent. I'm always experimenting with new ideas and creating new work. Do contact me to discuss any ideas or projects you have in mind. Commissions are always very welcome.